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transport service

  • Semi-private shared transportation

    Rates (per person)

  • From Hotels in Playas del Coco & Ocotal

    AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    To Hotels located in:
    La Fortuna$60$3208:50 AM4:30hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2714:30 PM4:30hrs
    Monteverde$60$3208:50 AM4:00hrs
    Monteverde$50$2714:30  PM4:00hrs
    Samara & Carrillo$60$3208:50 AM4:00hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60$3208:50 AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3208:50 AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3214:30 PM5:00hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal país$70$3708:50 AM5:00hrs
  • From Hotels in Liberia

     To Hotels located in:Adult  Child Departure timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$60$3209:30AM4:00hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2715:15PM4:00hrs
    Samara & Carrillo$60$3209:20AM4:00hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60$2709:30AM4:30hrs
    San José$60$3209:30AM4:00hrs
    San José$60$3215:15PM4:00hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal país$60$3209:30AM4:30hrs


  • From Hotels in La Fortuna

    To hotels located in:AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    Playas del Coco & Ocotal$60$3208:00AM5:00hrs
    Manuel Antonio$60$3207:45AM5:30hrs
    Manuel Antonio$50$3214:00PM5:30hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60$3206:45AM6:00hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$60$3208:00AM5:00hrs
    La Cruz / El Jobo$110$5508:00AM5:30hrs
    Puerto Viejo  & Cahuita$70$3506:30AM6:00hrs
    Rincón de la Vieja$92$4608:00AM6:00hrs
    Samara & Puerto Carrillo$70$3208:00AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3207:45AM4:00hrs
    San José$60$3212:30PM4:00hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal País$60$3506:45AM6:00hrs
    Guápiles / Siquirres$60$3206:30AM3:00hrs
    Tamarindo, Conchal, Potrero & Flamingo$60$3208:00AM5:00hrs
  • From Hotels in Jacó

    To hotels located in:Adult Child   Departure timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$50$2509:30AM3:30hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2514:30PM3:30hrs
    Manuel Antonio$50$2510:00AM1:15hrs
    Manuel Antonio$50$2517:00PM1:15hrs
    San José$50$2510:00AM2:30hrs
    San José$50$2513:45PM2:30hrs
  • From Hotels in Montezuma & Tambor

    To hotels located in:Adult Child   Departure timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$60$3206:45AM5:00hrs
    Playas del Coco, Ocotal$60$3206:45AM5:00hrs
    Manuel Antonio$70$3506:45AM6:00hrs
    Rincón de la vieja$92$4606:45AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3206:45AM6:00hrs
    Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal& Potrero$60$3206:45AM4:30hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$60$3206:45AM5:00hrs
    *Samara & Puerto Carrillo$60$3206:45AM6:00hrs
  • From Hotels in Manuel Antonio

    To Hotels in:Adult Child  Departure timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$50$2508:00AM5:30hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2513:30PM5:30hrs
    San José$60$3208:00AM4:30hrs
    San José$60$3212:30PM4:30hrs
  • From Hotels in Monteverde

    To Hotels located in:Adult Child Departure timeTravel time
    Playas del Coco & Ocotal$60$3209:00AM4:00hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2509:00AM4:00hrs
    Manuel Antonio$70$3508:00AM4:00hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$70$3508:00AM5:30hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$60$3209:00AM4:00hrs
    La Cruz / El Jobo$110$5509:00AM5:00hrs
    Sámara & Carrillo$60$3209:00AM4:30hrs
    Rincón de la Vieja$92$4609:00AM4:30hrs
    San José$55$2808:00AM4:30hrs
    San José$60$3213:00PM4:30hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal País$70$3508:00AM5:30hrs
    Tamarindo, Conchal, Potrero & Flamingo$70$3509:00AM4:30hrs
  • From Hotels in Golfo de Papagayo

    To Hotels in:AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$60$3208:30AM5:00hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2514:00PM5:00hrs
    Samara & Carrillo$60$3208:30AM4:00hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60$3208:30AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3208:30AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3214:00PM5:00hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal País$70$3508:30AM5:00hrs
  • From Hotels in Puerto Viejo - Limón & Cahuita

    To Hotels located in:AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$70$3509:30AM6:00hrs
    San José$60$3206:00AM5:00hrs
    San José$60$3213:30PM5:00hrs
    Guápiles / Siquirres$60$3206:00AM3:00hrs
    Guápiles / Siquirres$60$3213:30PM3:00hrs
  • From Hotels in Samara & Carrillo

    To Hotels locate in:AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$60.00$3208:15AM5:00hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$60.00$3208:15AM3:30hrs
    Playas del Coco & Ocotal$60.00$3208:15AM3:30hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal País$60.00$3208:15AM6:00hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60.00$3208:15AM6:00hrs
    Tamarindo, Conchal Potrero & Flamingo$60.00$3208:15AM5:30hrs
    San José$60.00$3208:15AM5:30hrs
  • From Hotels in Santa Teresa & Mal País

    To Hotels located in:AdultChildDeparture timeTravel time
    La Fortuna$70$3506:45AM5:00hrs
    Coco beach , Ocotal$70$3506:45AM6:00hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$70$3506:45AM6:00hrs
    Manuel Antonio$70$3506:45AM6:00hrs
    Rincón de la Vieja$92$4606:45AM5:00hrs
    San José$70$3506:45AM6:00hrs
  • From Hotels in San José

    To hotels located in:AdultChildDeparture




    Playas del Coco & Ocotal$60$3207:00AM5:00hrs
    Playas del Coco & Ocotal$60$3214:15PM5:00hrs
    La Cruz / El Jobo$110$5507:00AM6:00hrs
    La Fortuna$60$3207:00AM4:00hrs
    La Fortuna$60$3214:15PM4:00hrs
    Manuel Antonio$60$3207:00AM4:30hrs
    Manuel Antonio$60$3214:15PM4:30hrs
    Monteverde$57$32 07:00AM4:30hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$57$3207:00AM6:00hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$57$3207:00AM5:00hrs
    Golfo de Papagayo$57$3214:15PM5:00hrs
    Puerto Viejo de Limón & Cahuita$57$3207:00AM5:00hrs
    Puerto Viejo de Limón & Cahuita$57 $3214:15PM5:00hrs
    Puntarenas$50$25 07:00AM2:30hrs
    Rincón de la Vieja$92$4607:00AM5:30hrs
    Sámara & Carrillo$60$3207:00AM5:30hrs
    Santa Teresa & Mal País$70$3507:00AM6:00hrs
    Tamarindo, Conchal, Potrero & Flamingo$60$3207:00AM5:30hrs
    Tamarindo, Conchal. Potrero & Flamingo$60$3214:15PM5:30hrs
  • From Hotels in Tamarindo, Conchal, Flamingo & Potrero beach

    La Fortuna$50$2508:005:30hrs
    La Fortuna$50$2514:005:30hrs
    Montezuma & Tambor$60$3208:004:30hrs
    San José$60$3208:005:30hrs
    San José$60$3214:005:30hrs
    Sámara & Carrillo$60$3208:005:30hrs

Reservation Policies:
• Cancellations and modifications free of charge up to 72 hours before the service. After this term, 100% will be charged.
• If the passenger does not show up at the place and time stipulated in the service confirmation, we will charge 100% of the applied rate for No Show.
• Because the Shuttle service is shared and scheduled, the driver waits for passengers a maximum of 10 minutes after the time indicated in the confirmation, after that time, the passenger is left with No Show status and no money refunds are made.
• The luggage allowed per person is one suitcase, plus one piece of hand luggage, this hand luggage must remain with the passenger during the entire trip.
• Neither Interbus nor Tours Paradise are responsible for loss or damage to hand luggage, this includes luggage stored in the area designated for suitcases. For non-hand luggage, a luggage butt will be given to the passenger.
• Neither Interbus nor Tours Paradise are responsible for items lost or forgotten in our transport units.
• All transfers include at least one 20-minute rest stop for passengers and driver.
• All children over 12 years old pay the adult rate. All children under 10 years of age must travel in a baby seat or booster; these are available at no cost and must be requested when making the reservation.
• Pets are not transported, only guide dogs accompanied by their owner are accepted