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It is important to inform you that nothing will be like before the coronavirus arrived in Costa Rica, unless there is a cure available. Meanwhile that happens, it will not be possible to operate day trips in Costa Rica with many people as before. It will now be more personalized, preferably for family groups. .


Day trips in Costa Rica are very popular, this is because it is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. Its territory is inhabited by more than 500,000 species between Flora and Fauna, which represents 4% of the global biodiversity. Costa Rica is a pioneer in ecotourism and is visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the world, attracted by its Volcanoes, Beaches, Rivers, Tropical Rainforest and of course for its friendly people. Almost 25% of the Costa Rican territory is protected by SINAC (National System of Conservation Areas), which is in charge of supervising all protected areas of the country.


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