San Lucas Island

tour to san lucas

San lucas Island and Jesusita Island tour

San Lucas island, one day tour

San lucas island continues to fascinate, it is a remote and tranquil island, but there are many poignent reminders of the brutal past when the island operated as a prison modelled on Devil’s Island.


Be advised that we do this tour only on Saturdays and Sundays

Now you can enjoy two destinations in a single day! in the Pearl of the Pacific, sail through the Gulf of Nicoya to the wonderful San Lucas Island full of historical memories, inspiration for one of the most famous literary works of the world, “The Island of Lonely Men” written by Jose Leon Sanchez, ISLA SAN LUCAS. On the island we will go to see the old penal facilities, its history, the medical clinic, church, cells, and more.


Know the history of the criminal colonial times, reaching the Coco beach entrance our guide will give a historical explanation and returned to the main building, we will continue with a short walk to visit what was the bullring, the launderers, know some of the mangroves of the island and where once stood the soccer field, returning by the same path back to the yacht to the delight of some fruit and start the tour for birdwatching. Then we set out to begin the journey to our second destination “Jesusita Island”.

There are a number of troops of Congo (Howler) monkeys, as well as deer, racoons, anteaters and other mammals. There are a number of bats, at least 8 different species, many of which live in or close to the old prison buildings.

**Ground transportation San José – Puntarenas – San Jose.
**Water transportation aboard our yacht Princess Bay, with capacity for 50 passengers and 10 crew, 3 different areas, bar, two toilets and safety equipment according to maritime standards Costa Rica.
**Boarding at the hotel to tell us in the metropolitan area (if group request)
**Specialized bilingual guide throughout the journey
**Cold breakfast served aboard
**Juice, sandwich, cookies, fruit and coffee with biscuits on arrival at the dock
**In our boat, Princess Bay, enjoy a delicious fish ceviche, natural sodas, snacks and farewell cocktail
**Tropical fruits and natural drinks on the island
**Visit Isla San Lucas (admission included)
**Birdwatching in Bird Island
**Stay in Isla Jesusita, where guests can use the facilities and enjoy the beach
**Lunch served in Isla Jesusita
Nationals  and Residents $ 85.00 per person.
FOREIGN    $ 98.00 per person.
CHILDREN (2 to 11 YEARS) $ 65.00 per person.
6:00 a.m: Addressing passengers in San Jose
7:00 a.m: Breakfast on the bus
8:30 a.m: Arrival to Puntarenas
9:30 a.m: Arrival at Isla San Lucas
10.45a.m: Departure from Isla San Lucas
11:15 a.m: Birdwatching in Bird Island
12:15 a.m: Arrival at Isla Jesusita
12.30am: Lunch served in Isla Jesusita and stay
4:00 a.m: Isla Jesusita output
5:30 a.m: Arrival to Puntarenas Dock
5:45 a.m: Departure to San José

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